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About Us

Our Philosophy

Far too often, patients are handed another pill or prescription, without the underlying causes of their Metabolic Disease getting addressed.

Our philosophy is different.

The keys to your health are: understanding what is causing the illness; then creating the right environment for the body to heal and thrive.

Medications can save lives but when it comes to lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, they do not fix the underlying cause. 

If you are tired of trying the same old thing and not getting results, consider a different approach.  We work with our clients to change the types , quantities, and frequency of foods so that they can take control of their health.  We help our clients make long term, sustainable changes  - without any drugs or fancy meal plans - that are achievable and sustainable.  

Our patients no longer live with metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes - we help them to reverse this disease and get off of their medication.

We know from first hand experience: it works!

Polly Lysen-Halpern
Polly Halpern, MN, ARNP
Clinical Nurse Practitioner​​

Polly has been a Nurse Practitioner in Primary Care and Internal Medicine for over two decades.  Throughout this time working with patients in a clinical setting, she has seen the effects of metabolic diseases  - such as chronic obesity and Type 2 diabetes  - on her patients overall health. 

A presenter on this topic at national conferences, she is prepared to help her patients at all stages of their journey with metabolic disease, whether they have been battling the effects of this disease their whole life, or have been recently diagnosed are not interested in succumbing to a life with chronic  fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and endless medication management.  

Polly knows that each person brings their own story to this disease experience, and works to personalize their journey to restored metabolic health.  READ MORE..

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