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Insulin Resistance

Do you gain weight easily compared to others ?   Is it difficult to lose weight?

It may be because of Insulin Resistance

​Insulin resistance is the primary reason why many of us have struggled with our weight for a long time and have not been successful with weight loss.  Insulin resistance is a complex process that is actually a way that our bodies have evolved to protect us from having glucose levels that are too high. The problem today is that for many of us, it is out of control and stopping us from losing weight. 

Insulin Resistance means that higher insulin levels are being produced by our bodies than we need, meaning that there are higher circulating baseline insulin levels in our blood even before we start to eat.  This idea is critical to understand.  

Think of it this way: picture 2 people eating the same size cheeseburger.  One is normal weight and the other is overweight.  They will have a different hormonal response to the exact cheeseburger.    


Why is that? 

The heavier person will stimulate more insulin in response to the same cheeseburger.  This insulin signal from the pancreas in the heavier person is stronger and tells her body to store that energy as fat compared to the thinner gal (on the left ) who will be able to utilize that energy rather the store that energy as fat.

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