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These are resources we find most useful and want to make this information readily available. 

Check back, as this list gets updated frequently.

Videos & Podcasts

"Reversing Diabetes" - Sarah Hallberg Ted Talk

"Eating Ourselves to Death" - Casey Means with Bari Weiss
One of the most important conversations discussing metabolic health and how it is impacting our lives
Eating oursleves to death
"Food Junkies" podcast 
An informative podcast all about Food Addiction and it's role in chronic disease.
"Minding your mitochondria"  - Dr. Terry Wahls TED Talk
Important for those with chronic pain, auto-immune and inflammation issues
"Fasting, Cancer Prevention & Mitochondria Health" - Dr. Nasha Winters
She quotes Hippocrates: natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.


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