Seattle Family Doctor

Polly makes it work.   As a clinician and a coach, Polly offers patients a very individualized plan.   Her way of eating is flexible, forgiving, empowering, and even fun.   As a primary care doctor, I see a lot of folks needing and wanting to lose weight.  I have referred several patients to Polly and they are seeing results!

Cynthia P

Seattle, WA

I lost 50 pounds and reversed my diabetes.  Polly has made of all of this possible, with her acceptance of the reality of life, her background in science, her compassion for times I don't want to weigh-in, and especially her encouragement. 

More than anything, I want to play with my grandkids and hike the trails.  Polly's support has made this possible.  

Thanks for keeping my head in the game and my heart focused on what's important!

Seattle Physician

I’ve known Polly for a few years. I was excited to hear she had embarked on a new venture of her own.  I did not realize that I would need her help one day!  After many years in practice, I was not taking good care of myself.  Fortunately, I got in contact with her and it has made a huge difference.

I’ve lost over 75 lbs and reversed my diabetes with the lifestyle changes she recommended.  I dropped my Hga1c back into a normal range, and am very happy with buying all new clothes!  I’ve learned a lot and I’m taking this info to my own patients.  I can’t thank her enough!

David L

Bothell WA, Diabetic

Having tried every weight loss program out there it was a great relief to me to learn how insulin has affected me and how upside down our thinking on weight loss is.

I have fallen quite easily into low carb eating and for the first time feel fully satiated.  My downfalls of fast food and diet soda took only a week to be gone. As trite as it sounds I see a marked improvement in my energy level and clarity of mind.



In the short few months I’ve seen Polly, I’ve cut one of my blood pressure med doses in half, lost 4”’ off my waist, have no more knee pain and my pants are sagging!


I’ve also lost over 20lbs. Thanks Polly!

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