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A Dose of Inspiration

Tricia is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She has lost over 120 lbs and continues to be motivated and work hard every day. She recently related a story that touched me, and kindly gave her permission to here it goes!

We sometimes get hyper-focused on the numbers on a scale; but in reality, it goes much deeper than that. It ultimately comes down to how we live our lives, how we move, and how we feel in our bodies. It's about our health. Most importantly, its about finding joy!

Tricia had not been able to buy the car she wanted; instead she was forced to settle for the Ford Explorer that she could fit into, but wasn't really what she wanted. She drove that car for 4 years. She made it work and the car got her from point A to B.

The car she dreamed of was a Jeep Cherokee and she frequently imagined what it would be like to someday drive in that rig. That vision motivated her to keep making life changes and work towards her weight-loss goals. Along the way, she reversed her diabetes, improved her blood pressure, and cured her Asthma! With all of these amazing improvements to her health, the number kept going down on the scale, she loved the weight loss, and yes: she continued to have visions of herself in her dream car. Although she had her share of struggles along the way - including plateaus and other barriers - she didn't give up trying new strategies, shifting her thinking, forgiving herself, and learning and practicing patience!

Finally, on one of her most recent clinic visits with me, she came in with some pretty exciting news: she had bought the Cherokee and traded in the old Explorer! She was able to get in and out, and drive without any problems; and was very excited to say that she no longer needed the seat belt extender!!

She was finally driving the car that she had imagined in her mind for so long and now it was a reality- she had found her joy!! I can't wait to see what's next!

Thank-you for sharing your story, Tricia!

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