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I am thankful for a healthy, effective solution

This is an inspirational story from a determined guy who refuses to give up. A great reminder that it's not about whether you fall down but rather that you keep getting up and moving forward. Here is Dave's story in his own words.


I am thankful. Thankful for a healthy solution. Thankful for effective support. Thankful for noticeable change. Thankful that I discovered a livable lifestyle instead of a restrictive diet that is not and never will be sustainable. (Haven't we all proved that several times over?)

Truth be known, I can be an addictive consumer of sweet carbohydrates. They are a perfect drug for grief, loss, victory, boredom, failure, and even success! I can still work, play and enjoy life on some level, and they work every time.

Until they don't.

I learned that when I gained over 100 lbs after my divorce; it was time to make some type of change or else. So I tried hard to change with exercise and dieting. I moved from 290+lbs to 255 and then as low as 212 (I am 5’-8”). But as many of you know: diets don't work long-term ; lifestyle does. Most everyone (99%) gain back their weight and often more. I proved that by rebounding to 255. Then drop to 215 and back to 233. At the same time, my diabetes was mostly uncontrolled. I experienced having to take more and more insulin with less- than-stellar results. As well, my cyclical eating patterns were more than predictable, yo-yo’ing up and down weight gain and loss.

Finally, I found a real solution: a low carb, high fat (LCHF) lifestyle and intermittent fasting. I then went on a search and found Polly Halpern, a wonderful medical practitioner who supported this lifestyle with acumen, empathy and real insight/solutions. She is a godsend.

Today I sit between 185 and 190 lbs with my goal of ending up around 170. I commute to work by bike several times a week (38 miles round trip), and cycle near 4000 miles per year. Now I really get to experience life. A life I truly want and embrace. My diabetes is being controlled by metformin and the LCHF lifestyle. Currently my numbers show I'm pre-diabetic (yahoo!). I am hoping - as I continue this lifestyle - that I eventually will be able to not need meds and will no longer have pre-diabetic numbers. I hope to just stay the course and live my life intentionally, working toward superior health with a LCHF lifestyle and intermittent fasting.

BTW, I do have a NSV (non scale victory). Three years ago I bought a cycling jersey that I was optimistic I could wear but could barely get my arms into (it was a racing cut). Instead of returning the jersey, I said to myself “someday I will be able to wear this”. Now the jersey fits perfectly.

My ongoing plan is to ride to work twice a week plus two other days of exercise. Live a LCHF lifestyle. And finally, stayed glued to Ms. Polly for ongoing medical observations and guidance.

Please be advised that we do not recommend that anyone try this on their own without medical supervision!


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